The Southern Chemist Award

Memphis Local ACS Section 

Call for Southern Chemist Award Nominations: 

The Memphis Section of the American Chemical Society is soliciting nominations for the Southern Chemist Award. Nominees should be U.S. Citizens, have worked in the South at least 10 years, and have at least a 10 year record of accomplishment. In addition, nominees must have actively participated in ACS events and brought recognition to the South through their work.

For the purposes of the Southern Chemist Award, the South consists of the following local sections: Alabama, Auburn, Baton Rouge, Carolina-Piedmont, Central Arkansas, Central North Carolina, Chattanooga, Coastal Empire, East Tennessee, Eastern North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Hampton Roads, Louisiana, Louisville, Memphis, Mississippi, Mobile, Nashville, North Alabama, North Carolina, Northeast Georgia, Northeast Tennessee, Northwest Louisiana, Ole Miss, Orlando, Ouachita Valley, Pensacola, Savannah River, South Carolina, South Florida, Southwest Georgia, Southwest Louisiana, Tampa Bay, University of Arkansas, Virginia, Virginia Blue Ridge, Western Carolina, and Wilson Dam.

Nomination should consist of a letter containing biographical details and a brief account of the nominee's technical accomplishments, curriculum vitae, publication and patent list, a list of ACS activities, and two seconding letters from persons not at the nominee's place of employment.

Please send six copies of all materials postmarked by July 31, 2007 to:

William McLaughlin (901-320-4924)
Pharmaceutical Research
Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, Inc.
3030 Jackson Avenue Memphis, TN 38151

Southern Chemist Award Winners:  The Southern Chemist Award has a distinguished history spanning over 50 years.  We are proud of all the exciting science that goes on in the South, and would like to acknowledge all of our award winners.  We invite you to participate in the tradition of recognizing the outstanding researchers in our region!

Year Awardee Employer Field/Concentration of Study
1950 Dr. Calvin Buehler UT-Knoxville Chemical Research and Education
1951 Dr. George Boyd Oak Ridge National Laboratory Ion Exchange Separation Techniques
1952 Dr. Allan Gwathmey U. of Virginia Metal Single Crystals
1953 Dr. Francis Sherwood NC State Agricultural Experiment Station Agricultural Chemistry
1954 Dr. Hans Jonassen Tulane University Complex Inorganic Ions
1955 Dr. James MacKenzie American Cast Iron Pipe Co., Birmingham Cast Iron Chemistry And Metallurgy
1956 Dr. C. Harold Fisher USDA, New Orleans Industrial Utilization of Agricultural Products
1957 Mr. Charles Kimberlin, Jr. Esso Research Labs, Baton Rouge Catalysts and Petroleum Chemistry
1958 Dr. Thomas Nash, Jr. UT-Memphis Biochemistry
1959 Dr. Edward Amis U. of Arkansas Physical Chemistry
1960 Dr. Harry Coover, Jr. TN Eastman Co. High Polymer Chemistry
1961 Dr. Oscar Rice UNC-Chapel Hill Physical Chemistry
1962 Dr. Frederick Darkis Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co., Durham Tobacco Chemistry
1963 Dr. Paul Tarrant U. of Florida Fluorine Chemistry
1964 Dr. Alan Bell TN Eastman Co. High Polymers, Weathering Agents and Synthetic Fibers
1965 Dr. Emmett Carmichael U. of Alabama Medical Center Biochemistry
1966 Mr. Wilson Reeves USDA, New Orleans Chemical Modification and Finishing of Cotton Textiles
1967 Dr. Hilton Smith UT-Knoxville Catalysts, Kinetics and Hydrogen Isotope Separation
1968 Dr. Ruth Benerito NSDA Cotton Chemicals Reactions Lab, New Orleans Cotton Fabrics
1969 Dr. Harry Sisler U. of Florida Inorganic Chemistry
1970 Dr. Earl Sutherland Vanderbilt University Biochemistry (*Later won the Nobel Prize for his work)
1971 Dr. Gregory Choppin Florida State U. Lanthanides, Actinides and the Structure of Water
1972 Dr. William Pelletier U. of Georgia, Athens Natural Products
1973 Dr. Paul Kuroda U. of Arkansas, Fayetteville Geo-Nuclear and Cosmochemistry
1974 Dr. Michael Kasha Florida State U. Molecular Spectroscopy
1975 Dr. Leo Goldblatt USDA, New Orleans Agricultural Chemistry
1976 Dr. James Durig U. of South Carolina Molecular Spectroscopy
1977 Dr. Carl Bahner Walters State Community College, Jefferson City TN Cancer Chemotherapy
1978 Dr. Charles Colburn Auburn U. Nitrogen-Fluorine Chemistry
1979 Dr. Clair Collins Oak Ridge National Laboratory Radiochemical Techniques with Physical Organic Chemistry
1980 Dr. John Montgomery Southern Research Institute, Birmingham Heterocyclic Systems: Imidazole Triazenes and Nitrosoureas
1981 Dr. Raymond Seymour U. of Southern Mississippi Analytical Techniques
1982 Dr. James Winefordner U. of Florida Analytical Techniques
1983 Dr. R. Bruce King U. of Georgia Inorganic, Organometallic and Organophosphorus Chemistry
1984 Dr. William Pryor Louisiana State University Environmental Toxicology and Free Radical Chemistry and Biochemistries
1985 Dr. George Butler U. of Florida Polymer Research and Industrial-Academic Interface
1986 Dr. William Hatfield UNC-Chapel Hill Inorganic Chemistry
1987 Dr. Earl Frieden Florida State U. Bioinorganic Chemistry and Thyroid Hormones
1988 Mr. Jett Arthur Southern Research Center, New Orleans Agricultural Chemistry
1989 Dr. Thomas Harris Vanderbilt University Carcinogens with DNA, Enolate Polyanion Chemistry and Glycopeptide Antibiotics
1990 Dr. Albert Padwa Emory University Small Ring Heterocyclic Chemistry
1991 Dr. Ernest Eliel UNC Stereochemistry
1992 Dr. Thomas Meyer UNC-Chapel Hill Photochemistry
1993 Dr. George W. Kabalka UT Biomedical Imaging Center Biomedical Imaging
1994 Dr. Ronald P. Mason Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, NIEHS The Role of Free Radical Metabolites in the
Toxicity of Chemicals
1995 Dr. George Fisher Barry University, Miami  D-Amino Acids
1996 Dr. Kenneth Wagener U. of Florida Polymer Chemistry
1997 Dr. Allan Butterfield U. of Kentucky Membrane Research
1998 Dr. Gregory Robinson U. of Georgia Gallium Chemistry
1999 Dr. John Hyatt Eastman Chemical Ketenes, Photography Dyes, Biotechnology and Cellulose and Wood Chemistries
2000 Dr. Ivy Carroll Research Triangle Institute Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
2001 Dr. Richard Adams U. of South Carolina Synthesis, structures and catalytic properties of metal carbonyl cluster complexes and bimetallic nanoparticles
2002 Dr. Craig L. Hill Emory University Self-Repairing, Self-Buffering Catalysts and Multifunctional Nanostructures Based on Inorganic Clusters
2003 Dr. John Dawson University of South Carolina Structure and Mechanism of Cytochrome P450
2004 Dr. Alan Marshall Florida State University Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
2005 Dr. James Tour Rice University Nanoscale Science and Technology
2006 Dr. Isaiah Warner Louisiana State University Analytical Chemistry and Mentoring


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