UM Chemistry/Research/Wang Research Group/ORAU-ORNL HPC Grant

ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing (HPC) Grant Program Winners

Dr. Yongmei Wang and Jesse Ziebarth

One of the research projects in Dr. Wang's group, "molecular modeling and rational design of non-viral based gene delivery vectors," has been selected for funding by ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing Grant Program. This award not only provides a monetary fund ($25K per year for three years) but more importantly it provides access to the high performance computing facility in Oak Ridge National Lab, which currently has the world's most powerful open resource for scientific computing. Dr. Wang and her student Jesse Ziebarth traveled together to Oak Ridge on Feb 24, 2009 to receive the award. Persons pictured from Left to Right: Win Philips (ORAU Board Chair), Sandar Degen (ORAU Council Chair), Jesse Ziebarth, Homer Fisher (Interim ORAU President), Yongmei Wang, and Jeff Nichols (ORNL Lab Director for Computing and Computational Sciences).

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