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Varian Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Instrumentation

Varian 22 FS These NSF-funded Varian 220 FS AA and Varian 220 FS G spectrometers are housed in J. M. Smith Chemistry Building, in the Department of Chemistry.

The Varian 220 FS (Fast Sequential) is used for flame-source atomic absorption analysis of aqueous solutions and vapors. This AA spectrometer operates in both atomic absorption and emission modes. The fast sequential system offers 4 lamp positions that can be selected in sequence; thus allowing analysis of 4 elements for a given solution. The instrument is also equipped with the SIPS sample dispersement system which allows on-line calibration and sample dilution.

The Varian 220 G is used for graphite-furnace atomic absorption analysis of solutions. The graphite furnace is equipped with an autosampling system, 4 lamp positions, and an automatic lamp selection system.

Both spectrometers are driven using Varian's easy to use worksheet-based SpectrAA software system installed on a Dell pentium IV computer. See the Varian website for further information on these instruments.

Dr. Richard Petersen is the faculty contact for this instrument.

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