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Experimental Laboratory Resources

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  • Various wet labs with 6-ft. fume hoods, 8-ft walk-in hoods, multiple dry boxes, and Schlenk lines
  • Departmental equipment includes:
    • ThermoElectron LCQ Advantage liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
    • Varian Inova-500 MHz NMR spectrometer
    • JEOL 270 MHz NMR spectrometer
    • Aviv 410 spectrometer with circular dichroism, absorbance, and fluorescence detection with titration, stopped flow, and temperature control accessories
    • atomic spectroscopy laboratory with Varian flame AA and Varian graphite furnace AA instruments
    • Powder X-ray Diffractometer (housed in Physics)
    • Atomic Force Microscope
    • Varian ESR spectrometer
    • single quadrupole LC-MS (micromass)
    • GC mass spectrometer
    • multiple HPLC systems
    • ion chromatograph
    • two high-end gas chromatographs
    • several single detector Gow Mac GCs
    • FTIR microscopy facility
    • two FTIRs
    • Raman spectrometer
    • diode array UV-visible spectrometer
    • six-instrument Ocean Optics visible spectrophotometry laboratory
    • fluorescence spectrometer
    • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
    • Thermogravimetric Analyzer
    • Vacuum Atmospheres Solvent Purification System
    • Agilent Technologies 8453 UV spectrophotometer
    • SLM Aminco 8100 spectrofluorimeter modernized by OLIS
    • Waters 600E HPLC system
    • Langmuir-Blodgett trough
    • Rayonet cabinet for photochemical reactions
    • Loctite photocuring system
    • two extruders, three sonicators, and one dyalizer for liposome preparation
    • Ocean Optics UV-VIS spectrophotometer with reflectance adapter
    • Surface Plasmon Resonance instrument

  • State of the art electrochemical instrumentation:
    • Pentium PC based multi-channel data acquisition system for electrochemical measurement
    • EG&G Princeton Applied Research Model 283 Computer controlled Potentiostat/Galvanostat equipped with a Model 1025 Frequency Response Detector
    • EG&G Princeton Applied Research Model 273A Potentiostat/Galvanostat
    • Solatron/Schlumberger 1250 Frequency Response analyzer/1286 Electrochemical Interface
    • ECO Chemie PG Stat 12 multi-channel potentiostat
    • CH Instruments Scanning Electrochemical Microscope
    • electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance: International Crystal Manufacturing home made 10 MHz Quartz crystal microbalances using a Hewlett Packard 53131 Universal Counter

  • A complete cell culture laboratory equipped with:
    • Synergy2 plate reader (BioTek) capable of absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence detection
    • low pressure FPLC system for affinity chromatography
    • electrophoresis equipment
    • PCR thermocycler
    • flash chromatography system
    • laminar flow hood
    • multiple centrifuges
    • rotovaps
    • CO2 incubator
    • shaker-incubator for bacterial cell culture
    • shaker-incubator for insect cell culture

  • A separate optics laboratory equipped with:
    • home built PAC (with a dye laser and three nitrogen lasers)
    • a UV-VIS spectrometer
    • high pressure (2000 atm) actinometer
    • high pressure (2000 atm) flow cell
    • two 150-watt xenon arc lamps
    • a Rayonet UV reactor

  • Machine shop services are available on campus for an hourly charge
  • Electronics shop and glass blowing shop services are available in Smith Chemistry at no charge
  • Twenty-four hour access to the Chemistry Library in JM Smith is available to both graduate students and faculty
  • The department also maintains a video editing, graphics, and poster printing lab (42", 36", and 24" posters)
  • The university also has a site license for SciFinder Scholar (installation instructions)

Computational Resources

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Please see here for a FAQ on computer related issues.

Highlights of other on-campus facilities

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  • Highlights of facilities available at the Biosurface Center
    • Micro-Fabrication Facility
      • Photolithography
      • Thick- and thin-film micro-fabrication
      • Soft lithography
      • Device packaging
      • Hybrid micro-electronics

    • Materials Evaluation Laboratory
      • Several universal material testing machines and ancillary equipment
      • Acoustic emission
      • Ultrasonic impact
      • Tensile creep
      • Fracture toughness test equipment
      • Several furnaces

  • Highlights of facilities available at the Biomaterials Research Laboratory
    • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
      • Bruker EMX with cryogenic and elevated sample temperature control (150 K to 400 K)
      • Varian E4 EPR Spectrometer with cryogenic sample control (15 K to 300 K)

    • Optical Spectroscopy
      • UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometry

    • Optical Emission
      • Radioluminescence, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence
      • Thermally Stimulated Luminescence (Thermoluminescence)

    • Environmental Simulation
      • High-energy X-Ray for irradiation (50kV, 40mA source)
      • Gamma- and Ebeam-irradiation (available through a third-party contractor)
      • Cryogenic to elevated temperatures
      • High-Vacuum

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  • Highlights of facilities available at the Integrated Microscopy Center
    Specific IMC facilities:


  • Electron Microscopes:
    • JEOL JEM1200EX II Transmission Electron Microscope with AMT CCD Imaging System
    • Philips XL 30 Envirnomental Scanning Electron Micorscope (ESEM)

  • Ultramicrotomes and Knife breaker available in the Electron Microscopy Laboratory
    • Reichert Jung Ultracut E Ultramicrotome with Cryo Ultramicrotome Attachment
    • Leica Ultracut UCT Yltramicrotome with LEICA EM FCS Cryo Unit Attachment
    • LKB 2178 Knife Maker II
    • Dupont Instruments Sorvall Instrument Knifemaker

  • Atomic Force Microscope
    • Veeco Metrology Digital Instruments 3100 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
    • Veeco Metrology Digital Instruments Bioscope

  • Confocal Laser Scanning Light Microscope:
    • Nikon Eclipse E800 Confocal Microscope with Nikon a Nikon Digital Camera DXM1200F

  • Light Microscopes:
    • Nikon Labphot Light Microscope
    • Spot RT Slider Color Digital Camera Equipped Nikon Optiphot Photomicroscope
    • Olympus Light Photomicroscope with bright field and dark field optics
    • Olympus Stereo Microscope with camera stand and fiber optics light source
    • Olympus BH Bright Field Microscope

    Life Sciences Preparation Equipment

    • Tousimis Samdri 790 Critical Point Drying Apparatus
    • EMS 550 Sputter Coating Device
    • Balzers HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Apparatus
    • Balzers FSU 010 Freeze Substitution Unit
    • Balzers 301 Freeze Etch Apparatus
    • Edwards Auto 306 Vacuum Coater
    • -20°C Freezer
    • -80°C Freezer
    • standard refrigerators
    • pH meters

    Material Sciences Preparation Equipment

    • Fischione Instruments Specimen Thickness Model 150 Milling Grinder
    • Fischione Instruments Plasma Cleaner Model 1020
    • Fischione Instruments Low Angle Milling and Polishing System Model 1010
    • Buehler Isomet Low Speed Saw
    • Buehler Economet 3 Variable Speed Grinder Polisher
    • EXART Technologies, Inc. Block Drying, Reinfiltration and Polymerization Device Model 530

    Histology Laboratory

    • Microm HM 360 Paraffin Microtome
    • Leica RM 2155 rotary Microtome
    • Shadnon Cro-Microtome
    • Pelco Laboratory Microwave System Model 3451
    • Leica Auto Tissue Processor Model ASP 1300
    • Leica Tissue Embedding Station Model EG 1160
    • Lipshaw Tissue Embedding Station
    • Pelco Microwave System Model 3451
    • Bird Tissue Saw Model 1433
    • EXAKT Technologies, Inc. Biomaterials Cutting/Grinding Apparatus
    • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Incubator

    Biochemistry Laboratory Equipment

    • Fisher Scientific Rad Prep Cell Model 491
    • Fisher Scientific Biotech Gel Dryer Vacuum System Hoefer Scientific Instruments HIS Eletrophesis Unit
    • Perkin Elmer PCR System 200
    • E-C Apparatus Corporation EC105-GThermo Spectronic Genesys 20
    • Eppendorf Centrifuges Model 5415C
    • VWR Temperature Control Water Bath
    • Precision Scientific Temperature Control Water Bath

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  • Highlights of facilities available at the Feinstone Center for Genomic Research
    • Automated DNA Sequencing and Analysis
    • Oligonucleotide Synthesis
    • Gene Chip Microarray Technology
    • DNA Cloning and Protein Expression
    • Real Time PCR
    • Tissue Culture and Cell Transfection

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